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Osteopathic treatments in our Swansea and Brecon practices

With David J Rodway D O, osteopathic treatment is patient-centred and tailored to your individual needs. All of our staff are friendly and professional, and always strive to make you feel comfortable, as well as providing accurate diagnosis for each case.

For all osteopathic treatments, we use a range of comfortable and precise manipulations that can include muscle and joint stretching, low amplitude, high velocity thrusts, cranial manipulation, and others. We will always explain and discuss the treatment with you.
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Our examination and diagnosis procedure:

On your first visit to a David J Rodway D O practice centre, we will ask you some questions about your symptoms to learn about your past and present health. The osteopath will then examine you, looking at your posture and asking you to do some simple movements, then asking you to lie on the couch in order to palpate (feel) the muscles and how the joints move. We often do other tests, such as taking your blood pressure or reflexes. Once the examination is completed, the osteopath will discuss their findings with you and, if the case is suitable, describe the proposed osteopathic treatment to ensure you are happy to go ahead. There is always plenty of opportunity for patients to ask questions.

Occasionally we might need to arrange further investigations, such as X-rays or blood tests.

We are able to treat patients with:

• Acute and chronic back pain and aches
• Neck pain
• Headaches
• Stiffness
• Arthritic pain
• Joint pain
• Sciatica
• Muscle spasm
• Neuralgia
• Fibromyalgia
• Sports injuries
• Shoulder pain-for example frozen shoulder
• Elbow pain-for example tennis elbow
• Hip and knee pain*
• Whiplash associated disorders
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
*Under ASA guidelines these are the conditions that we are able to mention following thorough research. We also treat a range of other complaints, which we can go into detail about in person or over the phone.
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